Welcome to our New Blog!


If you’ve found your way here, chances are you like archaeology.  We do too! That’s why we decided to start a blog of our archaeological exploits!

But who are we?  This blog is part of a wider project of public engagement by the New York based firm Geoarchaeology Research Associates, Inc. (GRA).  The company provides a variety of archaeological services and technical expertise to both academic and development projects.  Normally, the stuff we find is written up in technical and academic reports, but we wanted to share some of the cool discoveries we’ve made and research we’ve done with the public.

Two years ago, the president of our company, Dr. Joseph Schuldenrein began a project of public engagement with his online radio show “Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality, and 21st Century Archaeology.”  The show, still broadcasting every Wednesday at 6PM EST on VoiceAmerica.com’s Variety Channel, has had a great response and has inspired us to expand our archaeological discussions to the blogosphere!

We hope that you will check-in regularly to find out what’s going on with our research and in the archaeological world!  We encourage you to check back often as we have a number of weekly and reoccurring blog features planned.  We’ll also have semi-regular posts featuring news on GRA field projects, conference and lecture recaps,  current issues in archaeology, excavation highlights, and much more!

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you add our blog to your daily list!  In addition you can follow our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/IndianaJonesMythReality and our Twitter handle @JSatGRA.  We’re also on Instagram at jsatgra.

Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned for more!


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