Behind the Scenes at GRA

Photographing glass artifacts is difficult.  It’s even more difficult when the glass is embossed.  Bringing out the writing on the glass as well as capturing the true colors requires more than just a simple point and shoot.


Wrong color and too much reflection!

As you can see we tried everything but the results were not great.  So what do you do when you need photographic equipment on an archaeologist’s budget?


We tried almost everything to make what we had work.

Well, several youtube tutorials, one IKEA order, and a lot of ingenuity later we managed to solve the problem!


Homemade lightbox.

And the results are in.  Look at how well our new light box has worked!


MUCH better!

The success may have gone to our heads.  After photographing the box for posterity we started getting meta and photographing the photographing of the box.  Never a dull moment around this lab!


Meta or loopy?

Have a great Friday everyone!


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