Becoming Indiana Jones: Academic and Professional Careers in Archaeology

Dr. Stanton Green photoJoin us tonight, 6PM ET, for our interview with Dr. Stanton Green, an anthropologist at Monmouth College.

“Archaeology…what are you going to do with that?”  If you’re an archaeologist, or thinking about becoming one, you’ve heard this sentence at some point in your career.

For many their love of archaeology began with Indiana Jones.  You may have bought the hat, taken bull-whip lessons, or even watched the 4th installment of the movies!  Unfortunately, the movies don’t provide an entirely realistic portrayal of archaeology (If you want to know how deep the conspiracy goes, ask an archaeologist about the V. Gordon Childe quote from the latest movie).

But if archaeologists aren’t actually running around rescuing artifacts or discovering lost alien civilizations what kind of jobs do they actually do?  In other words, what kind of opportunities are there for fedora-wearing intrepid explorers and how do you train to take Indy’s place?

Tonight’s show will discuss this very topic.  Our guest, Dr. Stanton Green, is a professor of anthropology at Monmouth University and Dean of the Dean of the McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  On the show, he will be discussing the academic training required for archaeology, both in undergrad and graduate school, and will explain the types of jobs archaeologists can apply for.

Whether you’re a student considering archaeology, or an archaeology student contemplating the job market, you’ll want to tune in!  Oh, and don’t forget your hat.


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