Calvin and Hobbes

Original comic published on June 17, 2009.

At the end of September, Representatives Eric Cantor and Lamar Smith published a USA Today article critiquing federal monetary support of social science research.  On tomorrow night’s radio show, we will be discussing the articles and the critiques it raised with several archaeologists.

But for now, we want to ask you what you think about federal support of archaeological projects.  Take our poll below, and in the comments let us know why you think archaeological research does or doesn’t matter!


2 thoughts on “#WhyArchMatters

  1. First, I like the poll, but, I think your audience is a bit biased! Not sure how valid the results are.

    Second, archaeology research is important because the past is important. It’s important to know where we came from and how we got here. Studying the pasts of different cultures across the globe shows us how similar we are to each other and how similar our backgrounds are. For some, that knowledge can help them overcome diversity and see everyone as equals. The more we shed light on our, and others, ancestors, the more we can break down those walls of inequality.

    Since there is little to know money in archaeology, the governments of the world need to help fund the research or it simply won’t get done. Or rather, it will get done, but, it will be filmed and put on TV as a reality show starring metal detectorists and former pro wrestlers.

    Great post. Looking forward to the podcast.

    • Chris,

      We totally understand that we have a vested interest in the topic and that might skew the results! Fortunately, we’re not planning to construct any statistically valid, unbiased reply based off the results! However, our goal in this blogis to not just attract those who have a vested interest in archaeology but anyone who is interested! We’re hoping with the poll will generate a larger discussion about why we think its important, and let others have a chance to say what they think! We can’t address our criticisms unless we know what they are.

      That being said, we’re not opposed to a resounding yes for research! 😀

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