All hail! Our new cyber lords in archaeology!

Join us at 6 PM ET tonight as we discuss new technologies in archaeology with Dr. Maurizio Forte of Duke University on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.


Team at Catalhoyuk using virtual reality. Image taken from Forte et al.’s article 3d archaeology at Catalhoyuk.

Most Sci-Fi movies warn of the dangers of technology for the future of mankind.  But if the number of people glued to their phones at a restaurant, on the subway, or in line at the store is any indication, technology has become an integral and necessary part of our daily lives.  So how do archaeologists concerned with the past make their way in this new cyber world?  At the 9,000 year old site of Catalhoyuk in Turkey, archaeologists are experimenting with 21st century technologies and archaeological excavation.

Maurizio Forte photo

Leading the team at Catalhoyuk is Dr. Maurizio Forte of Duke University.  Using modern technology he has been able to record every aspect of the excavation process, and then RECREATE the excavated area in virtual reality!

Whether you are an archaeologist curious about new technologies for your own work, or want to know more about how such technologies can change and improve our interpretation of the past, tune in tonight at 6 PM ET!  Until then, you can check out this youtube video of Dr. Forte providing a brief overview of his work at the site!


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