Internship Opportunity!

Indiana JonesAre you interested in working with our radio show or social media and archaeology?  Check out our new internship opportunity below and email us for more information!

Internship:  Program Coordinator and Social Media Director for the online radio show Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality, and 21st Century Archaeology

Time Commitment:  2 days a week

Location:  Yonkers, NY (accessible via the Metro North from New York City)
Pay:  Unpaid
Start Date:  December (a period of training and introduction will be provided)
     Geoarcheology Research Associates’ president, Dr. Joe Schuldenrein is seeking an intern for his online radio show Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality, and 21st Century Archaeology.  The show is recorded and broadcast live each week on Wednesday evenings, via the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.  The show’s audience is all those interested in archaeology.  We aim to explore myths surrounding this exotic, misunderstood field and educate the public on current topics and interests via interviews with archaeologists and professionals in the field.
     The primary responsibilities of the job include:  lining up new guests from all over the world for the show each week, acting as the primary liaison between the show’s host, VoiceAmerica’s radio team, and the guests, and publicity via social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and wordpress.
     In addition to acting as the program coordinator, you will also be responsible for writing and maintain posts for the company’s blog,  This is a new venture which has already yielded positive results.  Qualified individuals will maintain the blog and create new content for posts each week through discussions with GRA’s team as well as Dr. Schuldenrein himself.
     Interested individuals should have good knowledge of social media outlets, and be comfortable writing and updating posts on a variety of platforms.
     This is a great opportunity for those interested in archaeology and public outreach as well as those who are seeking more experience working with social media marketing and promotion.
Please contact for more information.

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