Curios Revealed: December 3, 2013 Reveal and Giveaway WINNER!

Each Thursday we reveal the answer to Tuesday’s mystery object.

On Tuesday we posted the following object.

December 3 Curio

Want to know if you guessed correctly?  Want to know who the winner is?  Read on to find out the answer!

885314_434149729999267_1383724463_o (1)This children’s mask made out of scrap leather was found near a wooden log that we believe was associated with the docks in the area.  The mask is currently with the other leather material undergoing additional analysis, so we don’t really know much more about it yet.  The leather was likely used for something else originally, but when discarded, an ingenious child saw the opportunity to scare their friends.  One man’s trash is another child’s treasure!

And now the winner is….

random number generator

Congratulations Joelle! Please email us at indianajonesmythreality(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your GRA jumpdrive.


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