Get Ready for Thor’s Day on Tonight’s Show

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 6 PM ET at Voice America’s Variety Channel!

The week’s halfway done!  Did you know the next two days of the week derive their names from the Norse gods Thor and Freya?  Even “Wednesday,” or “Woden’s Day,” comes from the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of Odin, another major god in Norse mythology.  Start winding down with some Viking Archaeology tonight at 6pm ET.

Dr. Julian Richards

Dr. Julian Richards

You won’t find any beefy blond men running around with horned helmets and crude clubs, but you will hear about the complex society of traders and raiders that helped shape England’s history.  Join our host as he discusses the pursuit of Viking Archaeology in the UK with guest Dr. Julian Richards, a Viking Age specialist and archaeology professor at the University of York.


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