Special Encore Presentation: Archaeology at the Interface of Religion and Science

You’ve probably noticed the recent excitement surrounding the debate on creationism vs. evolution between Bill Nye and Ken Ham (for more details, check out this article).  The fact that tickets to this spectacle sold out in mere minutes goes to show that even a century after Darwin’s On the Origins of Species, the evolution vs. creationism dispute is not only alive and well, but stronger than ever in the public eye.  Find out the archaeological perspective on religion vs. science tonight at 6 PM EST on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel!


Where exactly does archaeology stand in this long-lived dispute between science and religion?  While modern paleoanthropologists add to our understanding of human evolution, some of the first archaeologists were seeking physical proof of accounts from the Bible.  Can the archaeological record in fact be summoned to verify the stories of the Bible? Religious faith remains strong in many parts of the world and the foundations of Judeo-Christian theology are arguably gaining steam in many parts of the West (and East) as the economic downturn leaves many segments of the populations looking for answers to their economic woes. Does religion as refuge obfuscate the lessons of science and evolutionary thought? Are there grounds for overlap? Is there a logical foundation for Biblical tales that can be supported by scientific examination of archaeological sites and remains? We propose that there is a nexus between the two—faith and science—that is considerably more complex than extreme proponents of either side care to admit.

What did you think of the Nye-Ham debate?  Meaningless money-generating spectacle?  Good for science?  Good for creationists?  Let us know in the comments below!


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