Special Encore Presentation: The Impact of Women in Contemporary Archaeology

In the past week, we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, both faithfully observed by copious amounts of shopping – but did you know it was Susan B. Anthony’s birthday this past Saturday?  Stuck between Presidents Lincoln and Washington, Miss Anthony doesn’t seem to get nearly as much attention despite her pivotal role in the 19th Century women’s rights movement.  Celebrate her many contributions by tuning in tonight at 6 PM EST on the Voice America Variety Channel, and find out how far women have come in the profession of archaeology.


Susan B. Anthony – civil rights leader, suffragist, women’s rights advocate
Image from Wikimedia Commons

As in many other professions, the proportion of women entering the field of archaeology has increased substantially since the latter 20th century. Some statistics indicate that their numbers have actually exceeded those of their male counterparts in several areas, specifically in college enrollments and graduate programs. Is this changing demographic reflected in the archaeological hierarchy, specifically in numbers of senior professors, in decision-making roles in governmental agencies, and in the ownership and management roles at cultural resource companies? Those data yield more equivocal results and point to slower rates of change in the upper tiers of archaeological organizations and professional influence. While the arrow is generally pointing upwards, old stereotypes tend to die hard. This program debates the evolving status and roles of women in archaeology with two leading representatives in the university and private sectors.


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