Curious Curios: March 4, 2014 Reveal

Each Thursday we reveal the answer to Tuesday’s mystery object.  Read on to see if you were right!


Here we have a beer bottle top embossed seal with text that reads: “E&J Burke/Dublin.”   The monogram in the middle reads “E&JB” with the word “trade” and “mark” on either side, and refers to a business in New York City that was around during the period from 1874 to 1953. The building at 616 W. 46th St. was built by the company to serve as headquarters and storage.  A six-story brick warehouse, it was designed by the architect, Thomas J. Duff and constructed in 1912-13. It housed E. & J. Burke from 1913 to 1922.

Fun fact: in 1870 that firm was the sole export bottlers for the United States of the stout brewed by Arthur Guinness, Son & Co., Limited, and they continued to be the sole export bottlers of Guinness until 1874 or 1875!


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