New Miami Circles: Controversy and Compromise in Site Preservation

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 6pm EST on the Voice America Variety Channel!

On a fundamental level, the decision to try and preserve a historically-important site is a public one. And yet, the recent discovery and excavation of a Tequesta village in downtown Miami led to a controversy that pitted the developer and the public against each other in a drawn-out argument over the question of its preservation – or so it appeared. As it turns out, a variety of misunderstandings contributed to this unnecessary controversy that would have been an easy and routine process elsewhere in the United States. Join our host and special guest Dr. Christopher Dore, who was hired as an expert by MDM Group, and explore what factors led to the situation getting out of hand. Were these events really the good vs. evil story we read about in the media?

Christopher-Dore-archaeology-expert-photoDr. Christopher D. Dore, a registered professional archaeologist, has both a doctoral degree in anthropology and master’s degree in business administration. His career experience includes holding executive positions in leading cultural resource and environmental consulting companies. Dr. Dore has served his colleagues and the industry as the President of the American Cultural Resources Association and the Treasurer of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). He has received a Presidential Award from the SAA and currently is the editor of Advances in Archaeological Practice. While traditionally trained as a Maya archaeologist, Dr. Dore’s research passion is now the business of heritage management. He currently serves as a consulting archaeologist, expert witness, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arizona, and Treasurer of Archaeology Southwest.


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