Time Team America: Making Real Reality TV

Don’t forget to tune in at 6pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel!

If you’re concerned with the way that archaeology is presented in the media,, then “reality” shows like Diggers, Nazi War Diggers, and Relic Hunters probably inspire a shudder.  According to these programs, archaeology seems to be less about science and knowledge and more about digging up profitable treasures as fast as possible in a way that all but destroys our cultural heritage.  But Time Team America, airing its second season on PBS August 19, gives its viewers a glimpse into some of the most fascinating sites in the US while educating them about authentic and ethical archaeological practices.  Join our host and Time Team members Chelsea Rose, Allan Maca, and Meg Watters, who will discuss their own views on science and the media and what goes into creating a real reality TV show that portrays responsible methods.

Don’t miss the Season 2 premiere of Time Team America on August 19 – you can watch via this link!

AllanMacaDr. Allan Maca is an archaeologist, historian, and social scientist affiliated with Colgate University. His current research projects focus on the study of ancient cities, architecture, ritual plants, and the philosophy of science. He received his PhD from Harvard University and has done archaeology in Israel, Central America, California, and Kenya. He continues to work in Latin America, is fluent in Spanish, and for fifteen years has led excavations at the ancient Maya city of Copan in Honduras. Allan has appeared in documentary films and television, most recently for Lucasfilm and the History Channel. He grew up in and still lives in New York City.

Chelsea Rose is an historical archaeologist and adjunct faculty member at Southern Oregon University. Born and raisedChelseaRose in northern California, Chelsea has been consumed with a love of history and archaeology from an early age. She focuses her research on the early settlement and development of the American West, and often invites students and the local community to join her on archaeological digs across the Pacific Northwest. Chelsea received her undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon, and her graduate degree at Sonoma State University. This is Chelsea’s second season with Time Team America.

MegWattersDr. Meg Watters specializes in 3D visualization of remotely sensed and excavated data for a new perspective on non-invasive modeling and analysis of archaeological sites. She focuses on archaeological landscape visualization and development of technological applications to help solve archaeological problems and for site preservation and planning. While most of her work is with remote sensing applications in archaeology, Meg has worked with a number of television productions including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, and the BBC. Meg has participated in archaeological research around the world including the Mediterranean, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, the UK, Spain, Peru, Mexico, and the USA.


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