Tracking Human Response to Environmental Change through the Ages

Tune in tonight at 6pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel!

Global warming on your mind this summer?  It turns out we’re not the first society forced to deal with the effects of climate change. Cool off in front of the fan this evening and join our host Dr. Joe Schuldenrein and special guest Dr. Miriam Belmaker, who studies the adaptations of past human societies to their climate. Using both zooarchaeological and paleontological methods, she tracks climate change through both space and time to answer a number of research questions. What influence did ancient changes in the world’s climate have on the evolution of our earliest ancestors? How do ancient methods of dealing with climate change compare with those of our modern society? Discover the
answers to these and more during tonight’s episode!

Miriam Belmaker-102.ashxDr. Miriam Belmaker is a Paleolithic archaeologist and paleoanthropologist at the University of Tulsa. Her research focuses on environmental change primarily in the past 2 million years and how it affected hominid biological and cultural evolution. She analyzes fossil faunal remains obtained from archaeological and paleontological sites to reconstruct ancient environments through space and time and to ask questions about human evolution. She is currently building a large comparative collection to assist her in her research. This includes comparative collection of modern species, fossil casts as well as a virtual collection based on 3D images of famous fossils. In addition to lab based research in her lab at TU, she currently has several ongoing collaborations which include excavation in several archaeological sites in Israel, Armenia and South Africa.


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