Archaeological Legacy Institute: Telling the Human Story through Media

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Many of you are interested in the way archaeology is presented in the media to the general public - with television networks like National Geographic churning out increasingly questionable series, it's easy to see why the topic inspires concern in the archaeological community.  The Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI) was originally founded to address a number of important issues in the field, one of them being the shallowness and inaccuracy of media news items shown to the public.  Its founder, tonight's special guest Dr. Richard Pettigrew, has established himself as one of the word's leaders in public education about archaeology and cultural heritage.  In this episode, Dr. Schuldenrein interviews Dr. Pettigrew about his experience making cultural heritage films, problems with mainstream media in handling the subject of archaeology, and the Archaeology Channel, ALI's popular news and media outlet.

RickatColosseum (1)Richard M. Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA, is an established consulting archaeologist in Eugene, Oregon, with 43 years of experience in western North America and the founder and Executive Director of Archaelogical Legacy Institute (ALI), which produces The Archaeology Channel (TAC). His educational background includes a B.A. (Psychology) at Stanford University and an M.A. and Ph.D. (Anthropology) from the University of Oregon. Dr. Pettigrew has conducted extensive archaeological research, involving hundreds of projects, in the Pacific Northwest of North America in both the academic and private sectors; has published numerous technical works; is well versed in computer technology, mathematics, remote sensing, lithics analysis, and obsidian studies; and is a peer reviewer for several professional journals and the National Science Foundation. He has served on film festival juries in France, Germany, Iran, and Italy and is experienced as a producer of cultural heritage films.

You can check out the Archaeology Channel here.

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