Special Encore Presentation: The Good Witches of Cornwall, UK: The Saveock Water Archaeology Project

Join us tonight at 6pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel! Get ready for Halloween with this special encore presentation.

A Mesolithic site in Cornwall provided evidence of human habitation along a marshy streambed in Cornwall. Its spring-fed waters preserved a sustained record of human occupation through the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. However, the site is best known for a series of animal pits whose contents vary but are characterized by similar shapes and contents for the interval A.D. 1640-1970. The earliest pits were lined with swan feathers and small stones. The latter were imported from a source 15 miles away. Through time, the remains changed and included cats, pigs, and dog teeth, with eggs and the typical small stones as well. The most recent of these pits contained plastic artifacts dated to the 1970’s, suggesting that these practices are still in force in Cornwall. Our special guest is Dr. Jacqui Wood who runs an archaeological field school in Cornwall dedicated to uncovering the secrets of the pits and tracking their contemporary analogues.

Jacqui Wood-02Jacqui Wood is an archaeologist and a director of Saveock Water Archaeology in Cornwall, Britain, where she also runs an archaeological field school. She has been researching the practical aspects of daily life in prehistoric Europe for the past 30 years. She regularly appears on various archaeological TV programs. Most recently she participated on a Time Team special program on the Mesolithic period, which is scheduled to be broadcasted in the New Year. Dr. Wood wrote an article in “Archaeology Experiences Spirituality” about the Witchcraft pits from the proceedings of the World Archaeology Conference. She has also published two books about prehistoric foods “Prehistoric Cooking” and “Tasting the Past: Recipes from the Stone Age to the Present.” Dr. Wood was on the National Education Committee of the Council for British Archaeology.


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