Spreading the Word: Writing About Archaeology and Interviewing Archaeologists

archeologists+realsiesThere are multiple movies such as Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Tomb Raider, and The Exorcist that depict archaeologists and archaeology. In these films, archaeologists serve as the connection that allows the past to interact with the present, usually in fantastical ways. These archaeologically themed fictions bring popularity to the field, but how is the real story and the importance of the research really conveyed to non-archaeologists? Mr. Samir Patel is the deputy editor of Archaeology magazine and part of his job is communicating the real and fantastical findings happening in the field. He connects the research with the mainstream and he is here today to talk about what it is like to interview archaeologists and communicate important information while delivering a story people will read. We get to the non-romanticized version of the archaeologist with Mr. Patel and find out whether archaeologists bite. Stay tuned!



Samir S. Patel is a science journalist, photographer, and editor based in Brooklyn. In addition to his full-time work as Deputy Editor at Archaeology, his work has appeared in Nature, The New York Times, Discover,Outside, Seed, Christian Science Monitor, Columbia Magazine, and ArtAsiaPacific, among other publications. He has reported from all over the world—India, the South Pacific, Tanzania, Brazil, Australia, and more—and has covered a wide range of topics, including climate change, art conservation, neuroscience, chemistry, wildlife biology, business, ecoterrorism, and, of course, archaeology. Samir is an Adjunct Professor of Journalism at Columbia Journalism School, and an accomplished editor of art publications.


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