Student’s Uncovered: Experiences and Perceptions from Archaeology Graduate Students


Indiana Jones Myth, Reality, and 21st Century Archaeology addresses the question of where archaeology “fits” in the modern world. This week we approach the meaning and value of archaeology from another angle: from the point of view of archaeology graduate students. Today we ask how do students find themselves “fitting” into the world of archaeology. What kind of opportunities are made available to graduate students? Which opportunities are not? Our two guests share their impressions and realizations of the academic system they are a part of. Let’s get down and dirty and see where our fledgling archaeologist colleagues lead us.



Our two guests this week

Melissa Frederick 542064_10152139740195058_729880466_n

Melissa is a second year historical archaeology graduate student at Illinois State University. She grew up in California and moved to Tennessee when she was a junior in high school. Melissa completed her undergraduate degree in Anthropology at American University in Washington, DC. She then worked two years at the Illinois State Archaeological Survey as a technician, crew chief, and historic materials analyst before she applied to graduate programs. Melissa’s areas of interest include the history and archaeology of the Cherokee Nation, slavery, and Spanish and British colonization in North America.




Richie Roy998265_10201151245964431_1891283582_n

Richie Roy is currently enrolled in University of Massachusetts Boston’s masters program in Historical Archaeology. He works as a GIS data entry specialist at the Massachusetts Historical Commission. His research  interests include zooarchaeology, foodways, environmental archaeology, and GIS. He’s 5’11” and a Taurus.



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