Archaeology of Sex










(Pictured to the left a mural from a brothel in Pompeii)




This week our show is for adults only (just kidding)! Joining the Indy Team is none other than Dr. Peter Sinelli. Together we will undress the topic of archaeology of sex. Sex is an important topic in archaeological study and not just because it is intellectually titillating. How people lived and related to each other is a central question to archaeological and anthropological research and sex has always been integral to human relations. On our show today we will discuss how well material culture may or may not represent past attitudes and practices as they pertain to sex.

Peter-Sinelli-250x305Dr. Sinelli is an instructor of anthropology who specializes in archaeology. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2010. Dr. Sinelli’s research interests include Caribbean prehistory, migration and island colonization theory, settlement patterns and ecological adaptation, archaeological ceramics, physical anthropology and maritime and underwater archaeology.   Dr. Sinelli has been at UCF since 2006 and teaches The Human Species, General Anthropology, Sex, Gender, and Culture, Archaeology of Caribbean Piracy, Archaeology of Sex and conducts a Caribbean Archaeology Study Abroad program.





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