Coalescence of Geophysics, Archaeology, and Education



Geophysics is an important component of the archaeological survey toolkit. Be it a survey of a pipeline or historical cemetery, covering a small area like a crime scene or a large swath of land near the North Pole, geophysics can give us a picture of what is going on with the site of interest. As archaeology becomes more important to development, so does survey work, which informs how exploratory or excavation projects may proceed. Joining the Indy Team today is Dr. Rob Stewart and we are going to get (geo)physical.


Robert R. Stewart holds a B.S. in physics with a minor in mathematics from the University of Toronto and a Ph.D. in geophysics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His career has included Chevron, ARCO, and Veritas Software where he worked as a processing geophysicist and senior research geophysicist. Stewart was a professor of geophysics at the University of Calgary and held the Chair in Exploration Geophysics from 1987 to 1997. He co-founded the CREWES Project, a university-industry research consortium. He served as President of the Canadian SEG, was awarded the CSEG Medal, served, and is a Lifetime CSEG member. Robert Stewart was the 1999 inaugural SEG Distinguished Educator and was awarded SEG Honorary Membership. His professional interests include all things related to multicomponent seismic exploration, geo-archaeology, and planetary geophysics. He was recently inducted in the Explorers Club of New York. He currently holds the Cullen Chair in Exploration Geophysics at the University of Houston and is Director of the Allied Geophysical Lab.


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