Sons Of Liberty: The Writing of a Historical Snapshot


Over two hundred years in the making? Not quite, but the three-night scripted mini-series “Sons of Liberty” does depict the period that built up to the independence of what would become the United States of America. The series is riveting and for those that are historically minded you will find the recreation of the late 1700s astounding.  Joining the Indy Team this week are Zach Hermann and Jordan Rosenblum two authors of the series. We delve into a different side of archaeology by talking about the research that goes into recreating events from the past and its portrayal in popular media.

Zachary Herrmann HS

Zach Herrmann came to Stephen David Entertainment (SDE) in 2013. He’s written on a number of projects, including the EMMY-nominated The World Wars Sons of Liberty.  Previously, Zach spent three years working at Don Buchwald and Associates. His short film Elijah the Prophet was the winner of the 2010-11 Canadian Short Screenplay Competition, and the film has since screened at festivals around the world.

Jordan Rosenblum HS

As a writer and development executive, Jordan Rosenblum has worked on a number of Stephen David Entertainment productions, including the EMMY-nominated The World Wars and Sons of Liberty. Before joining SDE in 2013, Jordan Rosenblum worked in Development at Left/Right TV and received his MFA in screenwriting from the American Film Institute. While at AFI, Jordan worked in the writer’s room at Mad Men. His AFI thesis film Paste has screened at various film festivals.


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