Vikings: An Epic Recreation

793px-Viking_Expansion.svgWho doesn’t love Vikings? Perhaps most of the communities and countries they violently invaded…Between the 8th to late 11th centuries Viking raiding and trading spearheaded an expansion of culture that had profound developmental implications for many parts of the world. This epic time is captured in the History Channel’s series Vikings. We follow the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and glimpse at how his exploits could have shaped the world. With the Indy Team today is Mr. Tom Conroy creator of the series. We get to hear first hand how this chunk of history is revived and in watching the show get to witness how the archaeology that is left behind may have been created.



Mr. Tom Conroy has designed numerous films, including East is East, Intermission, Inside I’m Dancing, The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone, West is West and Breakfast on Pluto for Neil Jordan. He has just completed Working Title’s Legend with Tom Hardy, to be released Autumn 2015.

He has also designed many television series, including The Tudors, Camelot, Titanic: Blood & Steel and the Vikings seasons one and two. In Spring 2014 he finished Crossbones, a TV series starring John Malkovich, for NBC, shooting in the Caribbean.

He won an Emmy award for his design on the Tudors, having been previously nominated twice. He is a three times winner of a Gemini award from the Canadian Academy and has been nominated twice for an Art Directors Guild Award in Los Angeles. He has been nominated many times for an IFTA, (Irish Academy) winning  twice, for the Tudors and Vikings.


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