Whirlwind of a Dig! Herring Run Park


Herring Run Park is an urban oasis in Northeast Baltimore—375 acres of woodlands that is. This area is of particular interest to us today because some exciting excavations have taken place there. Archaeologists Lisa Kraus and Jason Shellenhamer organized a nine-day dig and uncovered the remnants of an estate owned by Baltimore merchant and politician William Smith. Smith bought the land in 1770 and the manor burned down in 1865. Urban digs are rare, so this project has been particularly exciting. Truly uncovering history close to home…more or less literally in some people’s back yards.  Joining the Indy Team today are Dr. Kraus and Mr. Shellenhamer to share their findings and comment on the importance of community archaeology!


Lisa A. Kraus

Archeologist Lisa Kraus has a Ph.D. in Anthropology/Historical Archaeology from the University of Texas at Austin and has worked as an archeologist for the Maryland Environmental Service/Maryland State Highway Administration since 2009. Recent projects include a Phase II study of 18th century taverns in New Market, Maryland, which Dr. Kraus designed and managed. Since 2009, Dr. Kraus has been working with website developers, archaeologists, and the public to create a website devoted to SHA’s archaeological work in Bladensburg, Maryland, relating to the War of 1812.WMO2mE6hB0i0qlT9ueysdTTs3JPaHnQsFWTLZLWG2B2hSuJENtw8zP8VYX0g-uMW3_BcAE3MGaTPRByjRRoyjGRJ1acXP3Yh3prFl2Mw7BvDTt0pAf3XB-7BcXzNeGwPis9XoTS4MG3fjN1hAXrp9HSUNQQOTaoKkt8eUhG9fjo6i5IIS6ivDtwYglQz7nlCCZDNrDjlSb-eIq1FaAYVnYRrhe9VSD3








Jason P. Shellenhamer

Jason A. Shellenhamer has fifteen years experience in archeology and a Master’s of Applied Anthropology from the University of Maryland. His projects have included archeological survey work at the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Historic Park, Antietam National Battlefield, Gettysburg National Military Park, and the Peterson House at Ford’s Theatre National Historical Site.6Z6ifqYmqI9I7VNLx15O-ra_dhqEkHM8KxXD9jUhaYmUbSZe3pZlVRx5e6a8cjvdQ5SZjzYhMm81bQaxp8s1rD2RLgWshoQiwVy2exXBtKtMKi_RZC6SUdmeu-aIPKUCXFYNnsGQpz-SfbDk6vxZgb4bEqpU88uXdSvPKGbAQwZh6VfgiuBdCkxif-TWFozscyDlY17ys5NTxXvX2mpSPYb-VlOAyZl


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