Public Archaeology: Connecticut’s Department of Transportation


Indiana Jones Myth Reality and 21st Century Archaeology is driven to interest and inform its audience. The realities of working as an archaeologist can floor you and sometimes shift your interests into neutral. One of the most exciting aspects of archaeology is literally getting into history. The future of professional archaeology may be the union between project work and public outreach. Today the Indy Team is joined by an archaeologist who does exactly that. Pull over and set your engines in park because we have quite a story revving up for you: the CT Dept. of Transportation and archaeological outreach!




Mandy Ranslow

Mandy Ranslow is an archaeologist for the Connecticut Department of Transportation.  She has worked in cultural resource management for most of her career for consulting firms, museums, and now the state.  Her BA in archaeology is from Boston University, and her MA in anthropology is from the University of Connecticut.  Mandy has a passion for public archaeology and has organized several educational archaeology events for the public.  She is currently serving as President for the non-profit Friends of the Office of State Archaeology and is just now starting a MA in Public History at Central Connecticut State University.  In her few moments of spare time she is a professional miniature golfer and co-founder of The Putting Penguin.


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