United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization Underwater Cultural Heritage

UNESCO’s  Underwater Cultural Heritage program  “encompasses all traces of human existence that lie or have lain underwater and have a cultural or historical character.” This is an active scientific group that seeks to support research and preservation effects around the globe. With the changeability in the weather and coastal areas longevity uncertain the work UNESCO does is of paramount importance. Joining us today is the Programme Specialist of the Cultural Heritage Protection Treaties Section, Dr. Ulrike Guerin. Join us Indy fans as we get in the deep end and find out what underwater heritage is all about.


Dr. Ulrike Guerin:

Ulrike Guerin is in charge of the underwater cultural heritage programme at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. As such she advises governments, organizes international meetings of States and oversees UNESCO operational projects. The latter range from trainings and exhibitions to emergency assistance missions going underwater. She has been closely involved in setting up UNESCO’s new emergency assistance expert-body. This 12-expert Advisory Body just returned from helping States in three recent cases of unscientific interventions on submerged heritage sites. She is a lawyer by training.

Dr Ulrike Guerin




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