Part of the analytical work that goes with archaeology and anthropology is contemplating the interrelatedness of events. For example, scholar consider a surfeit of factors from environmental, to political, to religious, and so on to understand what prompted the collapse of the Mayan empire (which may not have happened at all). We do not necessarily think of the long term effects of the objects we use or the interactions we have on a regular basis. Joining the Indy crew today is an excellent writer and anthropologist, Dr. Richard Currier. Unbound, his new book, addresses the adaptations and technologies that allowed us to transcend our animal origins. Perhaps the confluence of seemingly unrelated behaviors and objects is more important than we give credit to. This book holds one account dismantling how we understand various technologies to impact our lives and the lives of our predecessors. Uncoil your bones and unravel your mind as we listen to what this book and Dr. Currier’s impressions have to offer us in studying the world around us.

Dr. Richard Currier

Richard L. Currier received his A.B. and Ph.D. in social and cultural anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in world ethnography, culture change, human interaction, Mexico, and the Greek Islands. He conducted his PhD field research on the island of Ios in the Southern Aegean, where he studied patterns of social interaction in traditional Greek Island culture.

As an instructor in anthropology at U.C. Berkeley and a professor of anthropology at the University of Minnesota and the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, Currier taught world ethnography, peasant societies, Mediterranean cultures, Mesoamerican and Latin American cultures, comparative religion, comparative sexuality, human evolution, and primate social behavior; and he organized & co-chaired the historic Spring Hill Conference on American Anthropology.

As a pioneer in the design and development of interactive learning technologies, Richard Currier created some of the original graphical user interfaces for personal computer and CDROM technologies. Winner of national and international awards for his innovative program designs and cutting-edge interactive technologies, Dr. Currier has now returned to his roots as a writer and anthropologist.

Richard Currier has published feature articles, book reviews, and columns on anthropological subjects in national publications including Horizon, Human Behavior, High Technology, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, and he co-authored a 10-volume series for young adults on the archeology of the Holy Land.

His latest book, UNBOUND: How Eight Technologies Made Us Human, Transformed Society, and Brought Our World to the Brink, will be released by Arcade Publishing of New York on August 18, 2015. Dr. Currier is represented by Roger Williams of New England Publishing Associates.

Specialties: World ethnography; human evolution; history of technology; biology of behavior; human sexuality; society and culture of the Greek Islands.



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