The Count of the Sahara

Gather ’round Indy Fans. Today we go historical and fantastical with our guest and subject matter. The topic? Count Byron de Prorok, famous archaeologist in 1925 and disgraced scalawag just 6 months later. The Indy Team has hosted many shows illuminating the day-to-day practicalities of archaeology and dismantling the Indiana Jones fable. This week Wayne Turmel joins us to discuss a real pirate of an archaeologist. We explore this story through Mr. Turmel’s new book  “The Count of the Sahara”. Be sure to bring enough water and salt for this week’s hot interview.


Guest: Wayne Turmel

I’m originally from the small town of Mission, British Columbia, Canada. I now live and work in Lisle, Illinois near Chicago. My past is what the police refer to as “checkered”. For nearly 20 years I was a stand-up comedian touring throughout North America, headlining clubs and concerts across the US and Canada. I appeared on “Evening at the Improv”, opened for bands such as Chicago and Hall and Oates, and worked nearly any place with four brick walls and a microphone.WT

In 1996 I ran away from the circus to begin a second career in the training and development field. Over time I became well known for helping develop management and communication skills in people around the world. My podcast. “The Cranky Middle Manager Show” had thousands of subscribers around the world and was recognized as one of the top HR blogs in the world. In 2008 we started, a company dedicated to teaching the skills to present, sell, train and lead people and teams using tools like WebEx, Lync and more. Check us out at the site.  I’m also a proud co-founder of the Remote Leadership Institute.

In 2003, as part of a mild mid-life crisis, I set myself a reading task: read the classic books I should have read had I actually gone to a proper college. The result was my first book, “A Philistine’s Journal, an Average Guy Tackles the Classics”. Since then I’ve written numerous books, mostly on virtual communication and presentation skills. I’ve also spoken at numerous conferences and for businesses around the world. View my whole Amazon Page here.



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