Follow the Pots



The holidays are coming to a close for the year. As a happy new year to all of you, Indy Fans, our final show for 2015 is related to the holy land where so many of our holidays are centered. Dr. Morag Kersel is joining us to tell us about her ‘Follow the Pots’ research program. Based in Israel the project aims to  both investigate of the emergence of prehistoric urbanism in the Early Bronze Age of the southern Levant and the contested values of this archaeological heritage. This is an archaeologically themed discussion about what is valued and important in terms of public history and heritage. Just in time for New Years’ reflections!


Dr. Morag Kerselfigure-40-217x300

Morag M. Kersel is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at DePaul University and affiliated faculty with the Center for Art, Museum & Cultural Heritage Law in the College of Law at DePaul. Her work combines archaeological, archival, and ethnographic research in order to understand the efficacy of cultural heritage law in protecting archaeological landscapes from looting. She co-directs the Follow the Pots Project, which traces the movement of Early Bronze Age pots from the Dead Sea Plain in Jordan. Kersel earned her doctorate from the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge and a master of Historic Preservation from the University of Georgia. She recently co-authored (with Christina Luke)U.S. Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology: Soft Power, Hard Heritage (Routledge 2013) and co-edited (with Matthew T. Rutz) Archaeologies of Text: Archaeology, Technology and Ethics (Oxbow 2014).



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